2017 Conflict Of Interest (COI) submission announcement

Attention All Regular NMSU Faculty and Staff:

Beginning Tuesday, September 12, 2017, the electronic COI Form Version 3.0 will be available for the 2017 annual reporting period. Per NMSU Regents Policy 3.19 and NMSU ARP Rule 3.21, all regular employees are required to annually submit a Conflict of Interest/Commitment Disclosure (COI) form.  Please access and complete your form electronically at: coi.nmsu.edu.

Please note:  A new COI web application has been implemented for employees to complete the 2017 annual COI form, Version 3.0.  Forms completed through September 11, 2017 on the previous COI system will continue to be accessible in PDF format. Please read the attached memo for further information regarding the 2017 annual submission process.  

Completion Deadline: Forms must be completed and routed for approval to your supervisor no later than Friday, October 13, 2017.  If an employee has recently completed the COI Version 2.9 form in the old EDS application, prior to this announcement, a new form is required.   

Thank you,
HRS Employee and Labor Relations

Additional Information: For more information about Conflict of Interest/Commitment disclosures in general or as they relate to Sponsored Research, please visit:  hr.nmsu.edu/coi/.

COI Instructions and COI App User Guidehr.nmsu.edu/coi/

Questions: If you have questions or need assistance in answering the form questions, please contact your supervisor. Supervisors may contact Employee and Labor Relations at elr@nmsu.edu for assistance.