Updated Aggie Cash & Aggie Transit maps

Enhanced Aggie ID

Students, faculty & staff who utilize the free Aggie Transit system to travel between classes can access both the summer and fall/spring bus stop schedules and maps at park.nmsu.edu and in the “Links A-F” section of the NMSU INSIDER mobile app. Please note that only the Blue Route is operational during the summer semester and neither the Green nor Blue Routes operate in between semesters or on weekends.

In addition, Aggie Cash users can view an updated map of campus locations accepting the NMSU-maintained debit account at idcard.nmsu.edu. Unlike Aggie Dining Dollars which can only be used for food, Aggie Cash can be spent on food, tickets, laundry machines, and select vending machines. Visit the site for more details.

Please contact auxservices@nmsu.edu for more information.